“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23, ESV)

14/10/2018 – Evening Service: When counselling does more harm than good

Bible Readings:

Job 4 – 7

Sermon Outline:

James 1:5 (NKJV)

5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

Proverbs 25:11 (NKJV)

11 A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold In settings of silver.

Psalm 45:2 (NKJV)

2 You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips; Therefore God has blessed You forever.

I  Elipahz’s counsel to Job

II  Job’s complaint about his friends

1 What a Friend we have in Jesus,

All our sins and griefs to bear;

2 Have we trials and temptations?

Is there trouble anywhere?

We should never be discouraged,

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Can we find a friend so faithful,

Who will all our sorrows share?

Jesus knows our ev’ry weakness;

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

3 Are we weak and heavy-laden,

Cumbered with a load of care?

precious Savior, still our refuge,

Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?

Take it to the Lord in prayer;

In His arms He’ll take and shield thee,

Thou wilt find a solace there.

Empathy is your pain in my heart – Halford E. Luccock

Next to love, sympathy is the divinest passion of the human heart.  – William Burke

Sympathy is derived from two Greek words, syn which means together with, and paschein which means to experience or to suffer.  Sympathy means experiencing things together with the other person, literally going through what he is going through. – William Barclay